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Founded by illustrator and graphic designer BRITT SEKULIĆ, Popstradamus started as a small graphic design studio in Hollywood that mainly specialized in the reimagining of small business brands. Since then we've grown!

Through the years, Britt learned the ins and outs of self-publishing and soon started being asked to help people with their books. This year she decided to roll her design business in with publishing. 


"It seems like people either have time to figure it out, but still have lots of questions. Or they don't have a lot of time and just need someone to take care of it for them. It can be an intimidating process to learn, so it's nice to have a friend to come to with all the questions that inevitably pop up with self-publishing. We can also give you a realistic viewpoint on what to expect, the hype to avoid, and the best roads to take on your book journey. We're here to keep the process easy and fun. No stuffy shirts here!"

IMG_20190814_185435_polarr (1).jpg

Founder Britt Sekulic with her sidekick Jussi 


Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 7:00pm PST

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