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Publishing Assistant



You've poured your heart and soul into that one great book.


Big publishers won't give you the time of day. You know your book is good, and you want to get your book out there.

You've heard you can self-publish, but the process seems intimidating. 

We're here to help!



  • Script a little rough around the edges?

  • Need a professional cover?

  • Definitely some final editing.

  • And formatting? What's that?

We'll help you get everything ready, guide

you through the process AND make it fun!



 In whatever capacity you need us ...

  • Just have questions about the process?

  • Need us to teach you how to publish?

  • Want us to publish for you?

We've got you covered.

Feel Good

You can feel good about working with us...


Popstradamus is a female-owned business and our books are published and printed right here in the U.S.

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